Where digital innovation creates social impact


Before donning our creative hats and letting our imagination run wild, we take the time to listen carefully to what people actually need. Then, with a clear aim in mind, we embark jointly upon a journey of discovery. We share ideas and allow a process to evolve along the way. When all our work is done and dusted and we finally reach our destination, we arrive together – hand in hand.


We are a bunch of highly motivated yet down-to-earth innovation and digitalisation experts who are united by something far greater than our knowledge and skills – our passion for social impact.


Felix knows his way around in the digital world and has quite some experience in implementing digital solutions and social projects. At BeeTwo he supports the team and manages knowledge transfer between social, innovation and digital.


Magdalena brings extensive experience in research-based innovation and open innovation into the team. She manages the Exploration Lab and focuses on highlighting the real causes and roots before creating ideas and visions in a co-creative way.


Milica has a technology background and a strong passion for innovation. She is Managing Director at BeeTwo. Milica keeps an eye on the big picture and the future of BeeTwo while supporting the process in all of its steps.


Ramin brings in broad experience in the field of digital products, IT and agile development. He is leading the Digital Development Lab at BeeTwo and supporting organisations in translating social requirements into digital products.


Our board supports us in building our networks, enhancing our ecosystem, thinking globally, as well as developing and delivering best-in-class products to those who need them most - the humans.

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Johannes has an eye on the financials and takes care that everything is on the right tracks. He owns the specific superpower of being an analytic mind that easily detects potentials, paintpoints and challenges.

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Nicole has the big picture and the networks in mind. She also keeps a cool head and always has a smile to share.

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Stefan knows where everything’s at. He combines a huge expertise in leading organisations and teams with a deep understanding of digitalisation. With his sense of humor he also takes good care that things aren’t getting overly serious.